Review: The dressmaker


The dressmaker, film produced in 2014 and is on display in Brazilian theaters, is a production based on a successful book, but winning truly epic contours on the big screen by combining the world of fashion and haute couture with the landscapes monochrome desert. It’s like a traditional film westner to worry more with the figure of his heroes and guitars than necessarily with the story to be told.

In production, Kate Winslet plays Myrtle ‘Tilly’ Dunnage, a woman who left her homeland with the dream to study fashion. A few years later she returns to her city, willing to settle accounts with its past.

Of course, before long, the displaced designer becomes the favorite creator of the richest ladies of the city and its quest for redemption will also be on discovering women maltreated by life its hidden beauty.

Romantic couple of beautiful designer is making the young Teddy McSwiney, paper Liam Hemsworth that definitely away from The Hunger Games. Although visually the film is delicious, the plot drags in deciding whether it is a drama, a movie about fashion or even a search for redemption story. However, it is not always characters in the middle of dry land can be seen wearing haute couture costumes.

Check out the trailer below.