Marketing strategies in the luxury market

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The unstable political climate is sharing the headlines with another major concern: public health. The growth of H1N1 flu cases across the country is causing changes in various habits in the lives of Brazilians.

If, even then, that health concerns had no direct links to the luxury market, it changed in recent days. The announcement of one of the most important dealers of luxury vehicles of São Paulo offering free vaccine for all guests who attended the store divided opinion, but it is significant to a high standard segment analysis in the country.

The mark in question is the BMW and according to information from BMW Group Brazil, the dealers have the autonomy to create their own campaigns and marketing actions. In general, it means that each utility has the ability to understand your market and create the most suitable and effective tools for business growth.

The strategy used by the São Paulo franchise may even be criticized for marketing experts, but represents some of the options available to show that the high standard brands maintain good results.

 The luxury sector tends to suffer less from the crisis, as their customers and consumers in general have some financial stability. But no market niche is an immune island to the winds of change and often the creation of alternatives is necessary that flertem with everyday reality seeking success in the market.

Combining quality products and services and to adapt to the audience creating ways to stand out from the competition, are value strategies that really tend to contribute to customer satisfaction through personalized service and results of corporate profitability.