XC40 is launched during the Brazilian stage of the Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the most traditional and celebrated regattas in the world. And this year, the Swedish brand took advantage of the stage in the country to officially present to the Brazilian public the long awaited XC40.

Considered the smallest SUV of the brand, the new model stands out in its category uniting luxury, comfort, sustainability and technology. “The new Volvo XC40 is the only semiautonomous car in its category in Brazil, that is, it is the semi-automotive vehicle with the most affordable price in the whole national market, which is a very relevant fact for our brand” said Luiz Rezende, president of Volvo Car Group in Brazil.

The new model depicts an urban lifestyle. With a design full of winding lines that give the vehicle its own identity, the XC40 also bets on internal comfort and sustainability. The fine finish standard, which is traditional in the brand models, is present throughout the interior of the vehicle. A particular detail is that the side carpet of the doors were produced with recycled pet bottles, proving the interest in adopting sustainable practices by Volvo.

And speaking of sustainability, the brand tends to put people first and the entire Volvo line, including the new XC40, is available to people with tax-exempt disabilities through the Volvo For All program launched last year and which is directed to the market of direct sales to the public PCD (disabled person).

Among the differentials of the XC40 are the best lighting system of the category, the intelligent use of the interior space and the trunk, several standard safety items and the guarantee of up to four years. Much more than technical and technological improvements, Volvo has developed a vehicle whose main objective is to satisfy the needs and wishes of its customers. “Who chooses Volvo decides not to choose the common. Our mission has always been to understand our customers and deliver the best car for them, “said Leandro Teixeira, the automaker’s marketing director.

To make the launch of the new model an even more sensory and imaginative experience, the brand launched the XC40 on the Road by Volvo action that will cover 18,000 kilometers between Brazil and the United States. The course will follow the course of the Volvo Ocean Race and the journey will end in Newport Beach on the East Coast of the United States, on one of the sailors’ scales. 14 countries will be crossed and the entire route will be video documented highlighting the journey of the new model throughout the Americas.