Travel as a source of luxury experiences


Although the economic turmoil is a reality in Brazil and the world, the tourism sector has emerged as a kind of safe haven in the middle of a sea of ​​instability. Even if the results of the activity are not the most expressive of the historical, the sector remains stable, generating income and jobs that are an essential part of the economy of many nations.

And one of the explanations for heating even in times of crisis market is the growing interest in travel and all the experiences of the sum that the target change can bring.

If the classical concept luxury approached the accumulation, ie the purchase of goods and products, now this idea has been changing dramatically. The high standard of consumers have changed the focus of preferences. In general, this means that not only high doses of luxury and sophistication to a destination to be attractive, it needs to communicate with the visitor and promote aggregators and remarkable experiences.

In this sense, the tourism sector has an almost infinite number of possibilities to offer world travelers. Knowing how delicate and courtly life of the Eastern communities, discover the mysteries of places that delight and fascinate people for thousands of years and enjoy the flavors that are beyond our everyday taste are just some of the experiences that make travel possible.

Moreover, it is also important to emphasize the social aspect of travel. Through knowledge and cultures of different people, increasingly understand the meaning respect plurality and therefore the acceptance of differences.

To promote and discuss further this market very soon I start a new project focused on travel and capability of their experiences. I will share with you some of my stories discovered in some of the most amazing destinations on the planet.

The appointment is marked: you are my guest for a walk next to what is most beautiful and charming in the world.

Soon, we found ourselves in our first destination.