Unique Hotel hosts launch of “Jaguar Parade” in São Paulo

Urban artistic interventions are increasingly common manifestations around the world. In addition to the opportunity to democratize access to works of art, the concept also aims to draw attention to certain important issues. This is the case of Jaguar Parede that will make available at various addresses in the city of São Paulo jaguar artistic sculptures.

On September 25th, at the Unique Hotel, the cocktail party was held to present the 90 stylized sculptures that will be on display in the Iguatemi chain malls, as well as streets and squares of São Paulo for two months. The exhibition is the largest urban artistic intervention in the capital and aims to draw attention to the degradation of the country’s wildlife, especially the jaguar, which is at risk of extinction.

Renowned names such as Antonio Peticov, Panmela Castro, Mauro Neri, Maramgoní, Gustavo Nenão, Marcelo Eco, Binho Ribeiro, among others to those responsible for designing the pieces that will be exhibited in various parts of São Paulo. Check below a selection of the personalities who attended the event.

Crédito das imagens: Luan Almeida.