A flourishing fragrance

“I wanted a rich, white floral fragrance, a strong scent that would transport you to a vast garden full of flowers and plants, a bouquet of abundance, a garden as beautiful as the women, colorful, wild, diverse and where there is everything. has the scent of this garden that makes you travel to an imaginary place. “

With these words Alessandro Michele defined the first Gucci fragrance developed entirely under his creative vision. The perfume celebrates the authenticity, vitality, diversity and flourishing of women who identify in their vision.

Harmonized by master perfumer Alberto Morillas and directed by Alessandro Michele, the fragrance is created to reveal itself as his name. The creative director imagined the scent as a thriving garden full of various types of flowers and the rich scents they exude.

The stylist is also responsible for the design of the bottle that encapsulates the spirit of the fragrance dedicated to the diversity of women. “The bottle is not purposely feminine to seduce men, but to keep company with the women who wear the perfume. Retro and delicate because of their color have clean and fine lines and is not worked in clear glass, instead it is lacquered, refers to porcelain, a material that I love very much, “says the creator.

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