A delicious harmony

Over time, chocolate has become one of the symbols of Easter. And to further enhance the taste of this delicacy, what about harmonizing a delicious chocolate with a tasty wine or with a special sparkling wine? Harmonization seeks to find combinations between wine and various foods, in which elements of one and the other work together to emphasize their qualities and create the best possible experience for those who taste them.

To aid in choice, the winemaker and sommelier of the Salton winery, Sandi Corso, indicates two types of harmonization with chocolates: by affinity or by contrast. With sweeter and soft-textured chocolates, such as milk or white chocolate, it suggests combining with the sparkling Salton Moscatel. “The sweetness of both will balance, moreover, the acidity and the natural carbon dioxide of this drink will cleanse the palate, making the elements combine perfectly and generate a greater creaminess in the mouth,” he points out.

O Vinho Salton Desejo se harmoniza perfeitamente com o chocolate meio amargo. Crédito da imagem: Sabina Fuhr – Sabores do Sul

Still in affinity harmonization, the winemaker suggests the Salton Desire Wine to accompany half-bitter chocolate, with 40% to 60% cocoa. “The wine tannins are round, and their structure is finely compatible with the structure and creaminess of chocolate.”

In contrast harmonization, it is recommended to combine more bitter chocolates, a percentage greater than 60% of cocoa, with a sweeter wine, such as Salton Intenso Licoroso. “The more sweet touch of this wine will counterbalance the bitterness of the chocolate, and the higher alcohol content and the body of the liqueur will also benefit the pair in harmonization,” he recalls.