A market without borders


If online commerce was a revolution that democratized access to high-standard goods and extended the reach of the luxury market to virtually the entire world, nations that had some distance from capitalism were also increasingly breaking their paradigms.

Recently, here in Luxury Therapy, we published a story that highlighted the Chinese market as the greatest power also in the luxury segment. Now, it is the turn and another icon of the socialist world to also surrender to the charms of this new universe.

Brands like L’Occitane, Montblanc and Lacoste can now also be enjoyed and purchased at the first luxury mall in Cuba. Located in a historic building that soon will also house a five star hotel, the shopping center offers its clients some of the most renowned high-end designer brands on the world stage.

If the new Cuban luxury address provokes a suspicious look on part of the population that still has in mind less open times, it should become a true tourist spot of a country that opens continuously to the world.

Since the historic meeting between then-US President Barack Obama and Raul Castro, President of Cuba, the country shows the readiness to follow the opening in the most diverse levels of society.

The impressions of visitors who have already visited the place are positive and the hope of the country’s population is that in these new times when luxury will be a companion present in the day to day, the good moment of the market also generates positive dividends for the Cuban people.