An award-winning destination

The island of Barbados offers authentic and unforgettable experiences for those who seek the union between beautiful landscapes, a rich historical and full of culture and the best of gastronomy. Defined as one of the sexiest beaches in the world by the portal in 2008, Crane Beach in St Philip is one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all over the world.

All this diversity made Barbados move beyond places like the Seychelles, as the first destination in the satisfaction of its visitors, according to the Destination Satisfaction Index (DSI) of 2017, one of the most important references for world tourism.

Over the past year, over 70,000 tourists have been interviewed around the world, giving their opinions in 20 categories including Beaches, Lodging, Food and Shopping and Barbados got the highest score. Destiny also ranked first in the accommodation category, and the best in the Americas region, surpassing Bermuda and the Bahamas.

“For us, it will be a great advantage because, with our marketing and advertising efforts, we extend this message to tourists in priority, growing destinations such as the United States and Latin America. includes a new partnership with Copa Airlines with a direct flight from Panama, accommodation for all kinds of pockets, natural beauty and gastronomic quality, “said William Griffith, CEO of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

The award was created to measure the overall assessment of a holiday destination based on the factors travelers find most appealing. The online survey was conducted in 24 markets and the 70,000 interviews resulted in 1.4 million direct responses from tourists who assigned scores in each category.

Emphasizing the value of visitors’ comments, Griffith added, “The important thing is that this recognition was derived from the opinion of the customer and this really drives our work by validating and endorsing Barbados as a complete destination for world travelers.”