The three great premieres of the week to enjoy in theaters

In a time marked by the great heroes who leave the comics to win the movie screens, it is good taste that there are still many good movies with different themes and moving stories.

A woman who rediscovers love in France, a man who lives in conflict with the environment and their families and an ancestral curse to make a living is once again the must-see debut of this week. Check out the movies below and schedule yourself.

Paris can wait

Paris pode esperar

In production Paris can wait, actress Diana Lane plays Anne, a woman married to film producer Michael, role of Alec Baldwin. Although the husband’s love for his wife is true, he spends very little time on the relationship. A trip between Cannes and Paris in which Anne is accompanied by a close friend of her husband, will make the woman to review their feelings. The film directed by Eleanor Coppola is a mixture of comedy and romance.

Snow Black

Neve negra

It is not today that Argentine cinema has been toasting the public with good stories. A good example of this is Snow Black that tells the story of Salvador, a character of Ricardo Darín, who lives isolated in the cold Patagonia. The loneliness of many years is broken with the arrival of his brother and his girlfriend who aims to convince him to sell the family lands. The production mixes suspense and drama and the photograph showing the frozen Patagonian landscapes is surprising.

The Mummy

A Mumia

Films involving the mysteries of antiquity have great appeal to the public. Add to the theme one of the biggest stars of current cinema and the result will be a production with a face of success. In The Mummy, Tom Cruise lives Nick Morton, a man who survives by plundering ancient historical artifacts. However, when Nick discovers that he is some sort of chosen to bring a curse from the past to this day, the battle for survival is about to begin.