Tradition and technology as patrimonies of luxury brands

In the corporate segment, tradition and technology can present themselves as ideas that move in the opposite direction. If the first relates to the expertise developed over time and its ability to remain relevant, the second concerns innovations and technical and methodological improvements in the manufacture of products or the provision of services.

In the luxury market, however, these two concepts complement each other to provide customers with the most differentiated experiences. This is proven by Hublot through the creation of an innovative technology solution that enables brand consultants to serve customers in real time, using an interactive terminal interface.

The idea is to provide through the digital universe the same sensation and the same experiences that the customer enjoys in the physical stores. The service works extremely intuitively: just enter the brand site, request the connection with the digital boutique and through the communication applications receive the attention and guidance of a specialized consultant.

If one of the keys to modern life is precisely the elimination of physical barriers and restrictions of any kind, the service offered by Hublot does indeed propose a new way of delivering excellence in the digital age. Through the action, the brand emphasizes that tradition and technology, without a doubt, are among the most valued assets of luxury brands.