Tradition, charm and luxury at The Peninsula Hotel Paris


France is the country most visited by tourists from around the world. Every year, about 90 million foreign visitors landing on French soil to enjoy tours through bucolic medieval towns and, especially, the most desired tourist destination in the world: Paris. If the city of light is symbol of glamor, style and sophistication, nothing more appropriate than experiencing the beauty of the French capital by staying at The Peninsula Paris, one of the most spectacular and luxurious hotels in the Parisian center.

It is not an exaggeration to say that tourists who seek comfort, privacy, elegance and luxury are find in the Peninsula Paris the complete fulfillment of their desires. The hotel occupies a building built in 1908 that went through a delicate process of restoration. The care of the architecture is shown so that the visitor feels really like you’re in the golden years of the French Belle Epoque, during which creativity and glamor divided attention. In the same building, the composer George Gershwin created “An American in Paris”, one of his best known works.

The luxury experience is manifested in all the hotel structure. The beautiful art installation inside the building’s atrium was made using 800 crystals produced by the hands of Lasvit, one of the most outstanding manufacturers of glass in the world. And followed the network tradition of the The Peninsula Hotels, rooms are equipped with technology that allows the guest to choose from 11 languages command of the facilities available.

Altogether, there are over two hundred beautiful rooms and majestic suites with one of the most spectacular views of Paris. Rooms harmonize with the world’s most advanced comfort technology with a decor that exudes tranquility, underscored by soft colors that make up the environment. Artworks gently spread troughout the accommodation, a cozy lighting and classically elegant and modern furniture give a special touch to rooms that are among the most spacious of the French capital.

The guest is also provided with some of the most tasty and sophisticated restaurants of Paris. These include the Lili restaurant specialized in oriental cuisine, the fantastic L’Oiseau Blanc, located on the top floor and the La Terrasse Kléber, elegantly installed in an open area with a wonderful view of the city.

For the visitor who seeks an extra dose of luxury when walking around Paris, the hotel offers a limo service that pick up tourists that have just landed at the airport and make them arrive at the hotel in a vehicle worthy of royalty. In addition, Rolls-Royce cars from the Hotel does tours with tourists around the city.

If the guest’s desire for relaxation of body and mind, the hotel also has the The Peninsula Spa with unique treatments that contribute decisively to the health and well being of its costumers.

The American journalist Ernest Hemingway immortalized Paris even more with his personalities and unique beauties when he wrote the book A Moveable Feast. Taking inspiration from the brilliant title of the writer’s work, one can say that The Peninsula Hotel Paris is also a party full of style, originality and luxury.

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