Top5 : the main premieres of seventh art in Brazilian theaters

A love story between two completely different people, a battle for the planet’s most precious natural resource, a love adventure that can have tragic consequences, a drama about recognizing fatherhood and the saga of a Colombian family are among the premieres. of the week in Brazilian theaters. Check out.


The film shows an unconventional love story in which lovers are completely opposite. While Lui believes the future may be better, Lei cannot shake off her past. The feelings of happiness, sadness, anguish and achievement accompanies the couple throughout their lives.

An amour impossible

Social inequalities are recurrent themes in the cinema. In this movie, a simple office worker ends up relating to a young man from a rich family. The result of the love between the two is a daughter. However, the boy does not accept to marry the girl of lower social class, which starts a battle for the recognition of his paternity.

Pájaros de Verano

In the 1970s, in Colombia, a family of Wayuu natives finds themselves at the heart of the burgeoning cannabis sale to American youth. When family honor tries to resist human greed, clan warfare becomes inevitable and endangers their ancestral lives, culture and traditions.

One night is nothing

In the city of São Paulo, in the mid-1980s, Augustine is an end-of-career teacher who ends up falling in love with Marcia, one of his students and much younger than him. What should only be a passing case gets serious and the consequences of the relationship can be tragic for everyone involved.

The green is on the other side

Water is undoubtedly the most important natural resource on the planet. In this production it is possible to know the Chilean reality, where water management was privatized leading small farmers to bankruptcy. The battle for this precious commodity already has over 40 years of history.