Top 5: the charms and nooks of Switzerland

Although the result of Brazil’s debut at the World Cup in Russia was not exactly what the fans expected, Switzerland had no direct connection to the problems of refereeing. In addition, the country is a great tourist destination for those looking for the real European airs. Check out, below, five Swiss cities that will delight even the most discerning traveler.


Famous for its medieval-style architecture, the city has beautiful arched streets and one of the largest covered commercial sidewalks in the entire European continent. Visiting the historical center and the Bears’ Hole, where you can see the animals live within walking distance, are two must-see tours in the city.


With a huge amount of museums and galleries scattered throughout the city, Zurich is a true invitation to those who love art. Lovers of the luxury market are also going to have fun in the city that counts on stores of the main designer brands of the world. The view of the Swiss Alps another highlight of this is the largest city in the country.


For those who enjoy adventure sports and ecotourism, the city of Lucerne is a perfect destination. Located near a large mountain range, one of the great attractions of the city are its flowery streets and impeccable cleanliness. The city also houses the Swiss Transportation Museum, one of the most diverse in the continent on the subject.


Located between two lakes, the city has as one of its main tourist attractions one of the highest train stations in Europe. In addition to the high season, Interlaken also has a beautiful cable car that takes tourists on a tour through a region full of formidable beauties.

St. Moritz

The city of St. Moritz may be considered small, but every year thousands of tourists invade the city, especially in winter, to enjoy one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the European continent. In addition to the snow, attractions such as horseback riding in the mountains are a feast for visitors.