Top 5: The Benefits of Touring Activity for Body and Mind

Tourism is an important vector of development in the modern world. But beyond its economic importance, traveling and meeting new places are activities that bring direct benefits to the body and mind. Here are five reasons that make tourism a healthy experience both physically and mentally.

Contribute to leaving the sedentary life

According to information from the World Health Organization, the sedentary lifestyle already affects one in four adults. Including physical exercise in your daily routine is an often complicated task, so traveling more often is a good alternative. Hiking, climbing in mountains and sightseeing are boats are some of the activities that contribute in a lot to the quality of life.

Expand the network of friendships

In times of social networks virtual friends end up assuming the leading role of interpersonal relationships, leaving the real friends a little aside. Making new friends, being able to share experiences, and getting to know new life stories are frequent travel activities within the reach of travelers.

Helping to strengthen the local economy

Sustainability has become an increasingly sought-after item throughout the world and through tourism, it is possible to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by encouraging trade. At the same time as the tourist is coming into contact with a new reality, the local economy is developing, generating income for the community.

Expand knowledge of new languages

Traveling is not only a great way to get to know new places, it’s also the most interesting way to get in touch and learn a new language. Although the country chosen for the trip has a language completely different from yours, the interactions and the contact with the locals help in the compression of words and expressions.

Strengthens interest in history and culture

The philosopher Saint Augustine once said that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Travel has the power to strengthen interest in world history and culture. After all, can you visit the Colosseum in Rome and not imagine the time when gladiators were heroes?

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