Top 5: reasons to visit Ushuaia during the summer season

With more than one million km2, between Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is a biome that extends to the extreme of South America, having the Andes Mountain Range as its dividing line. In this southern part of the planet, in its Argentinian portion, the region is known as Tierra del Fuego.

Between November and March, average temperatures range from 10 ° C maximum to 2 ° C minimum, then dry forests become robust again and gain beautiful colorations in green and orange tones, and the paths and tracks are again fully open to visitors of the world all unveil their natural beauties. Meet five excellent reasons to visit the region during the hottest time of the year.

Contemplating the Emerald Lagoon

It is during the summer that the Emerald Lagoon, one of the postcards of Ushuaia, unfreezes and its greenish tone reveals itself in all its beauty in the eyes of those who face the trekking of 3 hours of round trip to know it. It is 1h30 of road along Route 3 until you reach the beginning of the trail. The adventure is worthwhile and the way does not disappoint when traversing forests, valleys, rivers and lakes, having as background the Andes Mountain Range.

Walking between penguins

Summer is also the time of migration of many specimens of fauna established there for procreation and the search for abundant food and nutrients in the Beagle Channel, with its more than 20 islands and islets. A road course takes you to Harberton Ranch, a private property from which you take a boat (15 minutes) to Isla Martillo, also called a penguin, since it becomes a temporary home between October and April for different species of penguins . With beaches and rolling hills, visitors can walk among these friendly birds – of course, taking care not to touch them as the local rules of preservation stipulate.

Take advantage of good shopping opportunities

Not only the mild climate, the possibility of seeing penguins and the more colorful landscape are attractive of Ushuaia during the summer. Prices are also lower. While in the high season, between July and August, prices are always more salty because of the addition of ski passes, the rental of snow equipment, among other items in summer, fares fall by up to 40%.

Getting to know the most remote continent in the world

Between November and March, ships leave the port of Ushuaia for expeditions to the white continent, Antarctica. During this period, the ice melts and opens the way for a silent navigation that is only broken by the noise of the wind, the fall of the icebergs or the movement of the animals and the nature itself. Whoever embarks on this adventure finds whales, pups of penguins and seals along the way. Not to mention intriguing ice craters and dark sandy beaches.

Enjoy the long duration of the days

At first experience may seem strange, but waking up and going to sleep with the sky still clear is what happens when you visit Tierra del Fuego in the summer months. Between December and February, mainly, the sun rises at 5 o’clock and is only set at about 10 o’clock. The long hours of sunshine can even give you an unusual feeling that the day never ends, but they guarantee an advantage: take more time to enjoy the outdoor attractions of the southernmost city on the planet. And since the clock seems to be always in favor, visitors can take advantage of two trips a day, for example, visit the National Park in the morning and navigate the Beagle Channel during the afternoon.

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