Top 5: amazing wine experiences

New Zealand has a relatively young wine production but has earned it a place among the best producers in the world. The country now innovates in ways to consume the drink by combining wine with exclusive tourist and gastronomic experiences in cinematographic landscapes. Here are five experiences with the drink that go well beyond its flavor.

Custom Wine

Guided by an experienced winemaker, the two-day tour on the Craggy Range Ultimate Wine Tour is a four-person experience that includes a helicopter tour to observe the region’s natural beauty, followed by a personalized tasting at the winery where you can create your own wine and take it home.

Exclusive tastings

The Farm, in Cade Kidnapper, is a region with private and individual cottages for few people. The place still reserves some of the most beautiful scenery on the east coast of New Zealand and gastronomic experiences with wine. From September 29 to October 1, the acclaimed Felton Road winery welcomes winemaker Blair Walter, who will lead gourmet tastings and dinners harmonized with the brand’s wines.

 Wines and seafood

The perfect experience for wine and seafood lovers is at The Forage, the exclusive event of the Cloudy Bay winery for groups of four to ten people. The program includes private walks through the vineyards, wine and sashimis tastings made with local salmon, lunch in the Marlborough Sounds area and visit the Tio Point oyster farm where you can catch your own seafood.

The first modern New Zealand vineyard

The first modern vineyard in Marlborough has one of its main attractions Brancott Restaurant, considered one of the best in the country. Specializing in regional ingredients and tastings that include only exclusive wines from the winery, the restaurant organizes private dinners with buffets and personalized tastings for up to 18 guests.

Amisfield Winery

It all started at Amisfield Winery in April 2017, when chef Vaughan Mabee led a restaurant staff for the Otago region’s sights in search of flora and fauna to prepare a unique meal accompanied by the finest wines in the house. Now the experience has spread to visitors, who can harvest food from the region and put their hand in the dough supervised by the Chef. It is essential to make a reservation to participate in the experience. It all ends with one or two glasses of pinot noir – the grape that makes up almost 80% of the vineyards of downtown Otago.