Top 5: The premieres of the week in Brazilian cinemas

The conclusion of a worldwide phenomenon; a love story shaken by a tragedy; a desire for revenge without limits, unstable relations between Christians and Palestinians and the consequences of a life without love are among the themes of the productions that debut this Thursday in the Brazilian cinemas. Check out, below, the selection of five films that Luxury Therapy has created for you to enjoy on the big screen.


In the year 2013, a terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon impacted the world. This production, based on an incredible true story, tells the memories of Jeff Bauman, a young woman who is a victim of the explosions and loses both legs. The performance of Jake Gyllenhaal playing the protagonist is moving.

The killing of a sacred deer

Stories of revenge are good reasons for movies full of suspense and fear. In this production the cardiologist Steven, played by Colin Farrell, maintains contact with the son of one of his patients who lost his life during an operation. When the doctor decides to leave the boy a little aside, the boy creates a plan of revenge with unpredictable results.


After a long marriage, Boris and Zhenya decide to divorce. With the certainty of the lack of love between the two, both prepare to lead a new life. However, the turbulent relationship between the couple makes the two leave the side of the son, who ends up mysteriously disappearing. Based in Russia, the film received an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Foreign Film.

The insult

In Beirut, unstable relationships between different religions have become dermal after an apparently banal act: by watering the plants, a Palestinian Christian accidentally soaks a Palestinian refugee. The act will initiate a judicial process that will have wide coverage of the press and will divide the opinions.

Fifty Shades Freed

The last part of the E. L. James trilogy that made huge success in the literary segment reaches the theaters. After overcoming the problems, the couple formed by Anastasia and Christian Gray maintains a stable and happy relationship. However, the past will knock on the door of the couple through people who can put their happiness at risk.

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