Top 5: week premieres in Brazilian cinemas

The dream of a young girl to become a lawyer, the life of one of the greatest provocateurs of the twentieth century, the centenary of a film, an adventure in which dogs are the protagonists and a fun story five productions that debut on Thursday, in the country’s cinemas. Check out.

Le brio

The young Neïla Salah dreams of becoming a lawyer. But her trajectory until the diploma will not be easy, since from the first day of class she makes a relation of admiration / revulsion with the teacher Pierre Mazard, who will accompany the fundamental moments of his academic life.

Egon Schiele

The young and talented Egon Schiele can be considered one of the most provocative artists of Vienna in the early twentieth century. The purpose of her life and work is the model of promoting women with the intention of relating, the artist is a promoter of social communication and the idea of ​​catching the attention of arts such as the painter Gustav Klimt.

Bergman – 100 Years

This year the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman would complete 100 years. This documentary has as main objective to rescue a work of the filmmaker by greenish art masterpieces like The Seal, Wild Strawberries, Persona, Screams and Whispers, Winter Light, Serpent Egg and Fanny and Alexander.

Isle of dogs

The film is an adventure that tells the story of the boy Atari Kobayashi, who lives in a city that rules a curious law that forbids the dogs to live there. To solve the problem, all dogs are sent to an island. The story of the caring between life and animal life of your dreams on a major adventure of their lives.

Uncle Drew

Basketball is one of the top sports in the United States and this production addresses the relationship between a coach and his group of players. After losing some of the team’s lead, he needs to ask for help from Uncle Drew of the title, a sport legend who can help players form a true team.