Top 5: perfect interior design tips for your home or apartment

Until November 25, another edition of CASACOR Santa Catarina will take place in Florianópolis. The architect Gabriel Bordin was one of the professionals invited to present his vision of contemporary architecture. Check out the following five tips from the professional to bring even more design to your home or apartment.

Integration between bathroom and bedroom

Integrating the bathroom with the bedroom creates a wider atmosphere in spaces such as the dorms that are getting smaller and smaller in the apartments. Eliminating a wall greatly extends the area, integrating these uses and transforming into a more dynamic and modern environment. This issue of integrating is very high when it comes to the kitchen and the living room. Now it is time to integrate the intimate area as well.

Use of locksmith’s structures

For cabinets, both in the kitchen and in the closet, use locksmith’s structures. This allows a very efficient modulation because, basically, the structure is supported on the floor and ceiling, as well as changes as needs arise as new shelves or an air. Visible, the cast structure also allows better ventilation in humid places.

Application of fabric on the ceiling

Fleeing from the trivial, the use of fabric in the ceiling transforms this space almost always without any decorative application. “By creating this movement, the walls can be cleaner, creating a more striking and prominent element,” says Gabriel.

Innovate with a bathtub inside the room

The idea of ​​having a bathtub inside the room, which here also sometimes looks like a mirror, may seem daring, but it has other functions. Besides the function as space for the bath or only for the aesthetics, a piece of this size, with the noise of the water, also brings tranquility acclimatizing of a more interesting way the space of social conviviality.

Value all spaces

An excellent tip for environments, especially new smaller apartments, is to take advantage of the area that is next to the bed. A desk can work for both side support and home office, for example. It also refers to the general integration of the intimate area.

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