Top 5: bags that translate elegance and style

Much more than a fashion accessories, purses are true objects of desire. There are those who suggest that a classic bag never goes out of style. That’s why Luxury Therapy has developed a relationship with five unique handbags that combine history, elegance and luxury. Check out.

Birkin – Hermès

One of the most desirable handbags in the world today, Birkin was created in honor of the French actress Jane Birkin, one of the great muses of the 1960s. It is said that the actress sat next to Louis Dumas, CEO of Hermès, during a flight. And when she realized Jane’s difficulties with a small purse model, she created a spacious, sturdy concept and rare beauty. The rest is history.

Boy Bag – Chanel

Ideal for lovers of more intimate models, the Boy Bag had its name created to honor one of the most important men in the life of fashion designer Coco Chanel, known as Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel. A rigid structure, long straps and a classic style make the model a hit among fashionistas.

Lady Dior – Dior

Another bag that goes around the imaginary fashionistas is Lady Dior. Built in the 1990s, the model was designed to translate the brand’s elegance, but initially received another name. Princess Diana, a big fan of the model, ended up making the bag an icon. And to honor the Princess of Wales, the bag was renamed Lady Dior.

Neverfull – Louis Vuitton

It is no exaggeration to say that Louis Vuitton is one of the most important fashion brands in the world. Neverfull, one of its most iconic creations, was created to meet the challenges of modern women at work, at home and with the family. The bag unites style, design and plenty of space, perfect for contemporary demands.

St. Louis – Goyard

The beautiful and luxurious chests and trunks made Goyard one of the most admired luxury brands on the planet. The St. Louis is a kind of emblematic model of the French brand, because it combines comfort, beauty and a large internal space. A detail that draws attention is that the bag, even being broad, has a light and smooth appearance. A real classic.