Top 5: The World’s Most Valuable Garment Brand

Fashion is experiencing a moment of great transformation. Values ​​such as sustainability and sharing, for example, grow steadily among consumers’ desires, and brands and brands in the apparel industry are increasingly investing in experiences that go far beyond the product itself. Next, check out the ranking of the five most valuable clothing brands in the world according to a study produced by the consultancy BrandFinance.

01 – NIKE

Measured at a total of $ 32.4 billion, approximately 16% more than last year, Nike has established itself as the most valuable brand in the garment industry across the globe. The brand’s focus on street wear and successful partnerships make Nike a successful icon that transcends the shoe universe.

02 – ZARA

Founded in the 1970s in Spain, Zara has become one of the world’s giants in the apparel segment. With a presence in more than 90 countries around the world, two thousand stores and massive investments in virtual commerce, the brand was valued at 18.4 billion dollars.


Adidas, which, like Nike, has become famous in the sports segment, is also growing in the apparel sector. The brand that is present in more than 160 countries, according to the consultancy BrandFinance was valued at 16.7 billion dollars, occupying the third position in the ranking.

04 – H&M

Sustainability is one of the key concepts of H & M, a Swedish multinational with more than 4,500 stores worldwide. Combining the sustainable issue with competitive prices, the brand had an assessment of 15.9 billion dollars.


A world icon of the luxury market and one of the most well-known jewelery brands in the world, Cartier is also a reference in the clothing sector. Evaluated at 13.6 billion dollars, the French brand is the fifth among the most valuable brands in the world.

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