The trends and the panorama of the world luxury market will be debated in Paris

The luxury market is going through a time of profound transformations that are already changing significantly as consumers relate to the products and their favorite brands. Issues such as appreciation of experience in the purchasing process and sustainability in productive methods have become consolidated as realities in the segment at a global level and increasingly steep are being incorporated into the operational strategies of the main players in the sector.

To discuss this panorama, another edition of the Salon du Luxe Paris, an event considered one of the most important in the sector and the largest gathering of professionals in the French luxury industry, will take place in Paris on the 9th of July. As it has been since 2015, more than a thousand professionals who work directly in the market will debate the changes, the future and, mainly, the strategic issues that permeate the day to day of the organizations related to the sector.

The prospects of the physical retail; the new trends in online communication, the inclusion of new audiences in the market, China as a key destination for luxury brand strategies, operational sustainability and new professionals directly related to the segment will be some of the central themes of the debates and various lectures that took place during the meeting.

Aware that luxury is one of the most expressive showcases in France, the event will be an excellent opportunity to exchange professional experiences and, especially, to further develop the economic fabric in areas as representative for the global economy as tourism and fashion. For more details on the initiative, just visit the official website of the Salon du Luxe Paris.

Cartaz de divulgação do Salon du Luxe Paris – Nouvelle Aaire

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