The importance of legal certainty for companies in the beauty and esthetics segment

Vinicius de Moraes, one of the most important national poets, once wrote that “beauty is fundamental”. Brazilians agree with this statement and make the aesthetics and beauty sector the third place in the world ranking, behind only economic powers such as Japan and the United States.

One aspect that drives the movement in beauty salons, even in times of economic instability, is that the industry unites the demands of the corporate world with the fulfillment of the dreams and desires of customers. Hairdressers, beauticians and manicures perform professional activities whose result has a direct impact on the quality of life and the self-esteem of their clients.

To make dreams come true, beauty salons need to take into account issues related to safety, the technical ability of the professionals responsible, and the quality of the products used in the treatments. In addition, companies can not neglect labor issues related to the staff and compliance with the norms and laws that govern the sector.

Entrepreneurs who provide services know that although the highest quality is employed in the execution of an activity, the results may not be those imagined by the client. To solve all these situations, it is necessary an adequate legal support that understands the daily of the activity and, mainly, looks for the best solutions in front of the demands.

For beauty salons and aesthetic clinics that seek legal support in their actions, Andreotti and Chiavegatti Advogados is an office that works in the preventive / advisory and litigation area, a specialist in the issues and demands related to this market segment. Access the website of Andreotti and Chiavegatti Advogados or contact us at (11) 3777-3987 and see how legal support is a fundamental tool for the good development of your business.