The importance of knowing the profile of customers in the high-end segment

A global company specializing in the measurement of market data, Nielsen recently released the study “Lifestyles 2019” that identifies the new consumption habits of Brazilians. Analyzing demographics, combining them with socioeconomic status, gender and age with their lifestyle, habits and attitudes, Nielsen created five profiles for the Brazilian consumer.

They are: pragmatic conscious, who faithfully follows their habits and preferences; balancing actress, who seeks to make intelligent choices in order to be able to consume everything she wants, a dreamer conscious, who seeks to lead a peaceful life, in which she can take care of herself and the world; connected, which are always online and consume a considerable part of your time on the internet; and the aspirational, whose pretension is to ally their own well-being to the collective.

This information is extremely relevant for marketers and entrepreneurs in general to target their strategies according to their target audiences. And while this research has not been targeted specifically to the luxury market, it has a significant amount of data that can help brands and companies in the industry and design their business plans.

And among these data the question of changing the perception of customers in the purchasing process is one of the most important. Several of the profiles identified in the study also find parallels in the high-level sector and actions such as allying personal well-being with social development and the collective well-being itself is an action that finds an increasingly expressive echo in the segment of products of Lux.

Still according to the study, 27% of the respondents fall in the category of balancers and 22% in the aspirational category, making up the two largest consumer profiles analyzed in the national market. In a market in which personalization is one of the priority concepts, knowing the profile of customers is essential and, for this, the use of any and all information is always welcome.