The importance of good relationship between patient and physician in plastic surgery

Brazil occupies the second position in the world when the subject is the accomplishment of plastic surgeries. And if the news in the industry tends to fascinate patients more and more in the country, it is also essential that the relationship between the patient and the doctor is excellent and, if possible, should start well before the procedure itself.

According to Dr. Monica Okamoto, “the conversation with the surgeon must come before the decision is made, because he is the one who will actually examine the patient and explain how best to solve or alleviate his problem, and if he is fit the procedure. Sometimes what you want is not exactly the best thing to do. “

In the conversations that precede the surgery, the patient should inform himself in the best possible way and ask questions such as the possible risks of the procedure, the recovery time, how the scars will be and other details according to the surgery that is intended to be performed.

“A conversa com o cirurgião deve vir antes da tomada de decisão, pois ele é quem vai de fato examinar o paciente e explicar a melhor forma de resolver ou amenizar o seu problema” afirma a Dra. Monica Okamoto

Thus, it is the role of the plastic surgeon to align the expectations of the patients and to adjust them to the rality. “This is something very important because there are patients waiting for something that is not feasible to do, like showing a picture on the Instagram and saying that you expect that abdomen healed only with the surgery. And in reality it is not so. The removal of skin and fat are part, but the diet and exercises to optimize the result are fundamental. I always say that there is a fine line between wisdom and exaggeration, and we, doctors, have an obligation not to exceed this limit, because if we do it, besides aesthetic problems, we can expose the patient to avoidable risks and complications “, stresses the Dr. Monica ..

And if during the first consultation all issues are not addressed, it is recommended that the patient visit his doctor until all doubts are cleared up. “Usually people do not clarify 100% of the doubts at a single meeting with their surgeon, even though others always come up throughout the process. In general, two to three consultations are required before surgery is performed. During this time, the doctor and patient are establishing a relationship of mutual trust, which is fundamental, “concludes Dr. Monica.