The importance of delivering luxury customer experiences

Although the meaning of the word is broad, it is becoming increasingly frequent in the luxury market. We are talking, of course, about the concept of experience and how it is impacting brands, becoming a desire of high-end consumers.

Luxury products conceptually fall into a category in the purchasing process that is much closer to emotion than reason. In other words, there are a number of tangible and intangible values ​​that are taken into consideration when purchasing a high standard asset.

Today, more important than delivering a high-quality product or service is offering customers the opportunity to add knowledge or experience that is truly relevant to their lives. These special and directed experiences are called experiences.

In today’s marketplace, Gucci is a good example of a brand that provides its customers with significant experiences. Last year, to extend the retail customer experience, video screens were installed in some of the world’s top brand stores in cities such as Milan, Hong Kong, and New York that enabled customers to interact with the content presented and stimulated the sharing of information on social media.

Evaluating this type of action, it is possible to realize that the time when the buying process started through the fulfillment of the seller is already in the past. It is necessary to impact the consumer even before entering the store, during their stay and after sales – a period of extreme importance for the loyalty of a consumer who values ​​all affection and care.