The impacts of artificial intelligence in the present, and in the future, of the luxury market

Investments in Artificial Intelligence are no longer new and have become a real obligation for companies that intend to position themselves as innovators in the contemporary market. According to information released by the consulting firm IDC, global spending will reach R $ 140 billion this year, an increase of 44% compared to 2018. “AI has been increasingly the priority of organizations that work with technology and innovation, “said Paulo Gastão, CEO of PGMais, a technology company that develops solutions for the relationship market.

In the luxury market, investments in artificial intelligence have also been consolidating over time, and if their use is practically certain in the future, how is it possible to apply it in the present? Actions already carried out by some of the main brands in the segment show that the opportunities are many, just know how to use them.

Burberry, for example, can be considered a pioneer in this matter and has long made available to customers the possibility of sharing data through various loyalty and rewards programs and thus build a constantly evolving customer history. High-profile industry icons such as the Tommy Hilfiger and Dior brands have already used chatbots technology to expand the connection with their customers, and according to studies in the area, this trend only tends to grow in the coming years.

Sotheby’s created an immersive artistic experience in which stood out works of surrealist painters to broaden the interaction with its clients

An absolutely interesting aspect of using artificial intelligence in the luxury market is that it can be applied to the most diverse situations. The well-known auction house Sotheby’s has hired designers to create a 360-degree experience translating four surrealist paintings by Salvador Dali, René Magritte, André Masson and Paul Delvaux into immersive experiences.

In short, examples are not lacking in how artificial intelligence can be used in a positive way to generate business and delight customers in the luxury market. Forecasts on the future are not easy, but it is fair to say that only the brands that include this strategy in their planning are that they should reach their customers and therefore succeed.