The expansion of the world luxury market from the perspective of Gilles Lipovetsky

The French philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky is one of the leading thinkers linked to the luxury market today. Much of his work, and especially his books that have been translated into many different languages, offers thoughtful and objective reflections on consumer trends and how consumers have been changing behavior.

On one of his visits to Brazil, Lipovestky drew attention when visiting a popular shopping center in the city of Porto Alegre. During the visit, to the surprise of some, the philosopher stated that the mall’s business model could and should be implemented in other regions of Brazil, promoting development and stimulating the country’s small entrepreneurs.

On a recent trip to Portugal, Gilles Lipovestky once again gained prominence in the luxury press, stating that one of the defining characteristics of the contemporary market is precisely its capacity for expansion.

Asked if Portugal could be considered a destination or a luxury producing country, the French philosopher responded by pointing out that “with the continued expansion of the luxury market, all countries will build on this type of supply. As they develop, they rise in value and offer products with higher quality and originality. There is a whole possible hierarchy. There aren’t many brands in the world that can rival Chanel or Dior, but luxury has become plural. If we do not understand this, we do not understand anything. ”

Lipovestky’s response echoes directly in the latest trends in the upscale market and, among them, one of the main highlights is the democratization of consumption. If, as stated by the philosopher, it is almost impossible to compete in a balanced way with the main brands in the sector, the important thing is that markets and countries understand this reality and find ways to stimulate the sector so that luxury can indeed be a vector for worldwide economic and social development.