The customization and breaking of paradigms in the luxury market

In the luxury market, although it is a much debated concept nowadays, customization is already a consolidated idea. Customizing products and services according to customers’ tastes or needs has become a sure bet for some of the most renowned brands in the world.

If in the fashion world this strategy is more easily perceived, through the exclusive paintings on handbags or tailoring service tailor made luxury that some brands make available to their customers, customization as a driving force of sales extends to the most diverse sectors .

A good example of this reality came to the forefront late last year when Lamborghini released information that it had manufactured a single car for a customer who had his identity preserved. Although the Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars did not reveal the exact value of the model, Maurizio Reggiani, the brand’s technical director, even suggested that the cost was between one and thirteen million dollars.

Beyond its price, the exclusively manufactured Lamborghini SC18 Alston has in a sense announced the end of one of the paradigms in the luxury market by making it possible to customize any luxury item.

As in the automotive segment, in the nautical universe customization is also becoming more frequent. According to an article posted on Infomoney’s website, “a Monaco yacht company, Dynamiq, is offering its customers the ability to design and customize their own craft. Through online shopping, the customer can choose from the color of the yacht to the fabric of the sofa and the model of the lamp.

It is worth remembering that, simultaneously with the consolidation of the personalization of high-quality goods and articles, there has been a revaluation of artisanal production, which indicates that, as in the early days of the market, luxury has been retaking an even more particular and exclusive conception.