The 1 is a national reference in premium medical care

The high-end market in Brazil has been showing positive results despite recent instabilities. And one of the fastest growing areas is the market for premium services in the healthcare segment.

Acting as a national benchmark in the sector, The1’s strategy was to conduct a careful study of the capacity of the main medical references in medicine and all related areas and, in this way, consolidate strategic partnerships with the complete chain of patient care, ensuring quality of the network providing the services through health certification seals of hospitals, laboratories clinics and diagnostic services with the aim of highlighting the total safety of the quality of medical care and hospital centers.

Acting in partnership with renowned hospitals such as Albert Einstein, Syrian Lebanese, Samaritan, July 9, HCor, Alta Diagnostic, The1 client has access to any health service you need within the entire Brazilian territory.

An important gap detected within the health market is that Brazil is continuously becoming a reference in the international medical tourism segment. Year after year, the number of foreigners who come to the country in search of quality medical care and affordable prices grows and one of the main reasons for this is the favorable conversion of foreign currency. For this reason, we receive annually a growing number of patients coming especially from the United States, the United Arab Emirates and some European nations.

In turn, the Brazilian associate has access to medical services anywhere in the world. The1 represents premium healthcare products that guarantee the client a medical network of free choice and the possibility of access to the best of medicine anywhere in the world.

These and other benefits make the treatment lighter and with all the patient’s energy channeled into the healing itself. In some hospitals it is still possible for The1 customer to choose from the gastronomic menu, pillow menu, newspapers of the day, exclusive amenities and a chauffeur service to pick up or take to the hospital.

There are innumerable possibilities of hospitality that make our client feel good and happy, with the feeling of being hosted in a hotel and not hospitalized in a hospital. All this good staff vibe, close relationship with the doctor, differentiated and thoughtful environments contribute to the increased sense of care and to a higher rate of healing.

The1’s medical concierge service makes all the difference within the commoditized healthcare market in Brazil, recognized for offering only the basics to the client. The The1 is a pioneering and innovative company with a solid vision of the future that includes information technology, data base, telemedicine, integrative medicine, robotics and all possibilities of modernizing health, but never forgetting the most important pillar of medicine that is know how to care for and treat the human being.