Technology in search of beauty


Technology is an essential tool in virtually every market segment. If technological innovations appear more clearly in sectors such as motorsport or cellular telephony, in niche markets such as beauty products they also play a decisive role.

Recently presented to the public, Shiseido’s new line of beauty and skincare White Lucent incorporates the brand’s tradition with state-of-the-art technology in product development that addresses in a targeted and effective manner different types of brown spots with And also in the long term.


Thanks to the company’s deep roots in pharmaceutical research and inspiration in the results obtained in professional aesthetic procedures, the brand has been able to develop dual-bleaching products that reduce brownish marks and also strengthen the skin’s resistance, preventing its darkening and The appearance of new irregularities.

The White Lucent line gives women the feeling of freedom from the irregular tones and fear of their reappearance. To achieve the result of a translucent and luminous skin, which continuously maintains its beauty and radiance, Shiseido has created a hybrid between the effective clinical procedures and the state-of-the-art whitening treatments that gave rise to PROAPPROACH × 2, -improvement and resistance. Together, they reduce the appearance of existing brown spots and discourage their reappearance over time.