Sustainability as a concept


The new era of electric mobility has already begun and the world’s leading brands are launching products that help define this new time. A good example is the German automaker Volkswagen which recently introduced the I.D. BUZZ, a multipurpose electric vehicle concept that allows for a renewed vision of the future – with the goal of making electrical mobility even more accessible in the future.


With the concept vehicle I.D. BUZZ at Volkswagen demonstrates how the electric mobility of tomorrow will be rich in equipment – a space wonder with four wheel drive and electric motors in the front and rear axles, fully autonomous driving mode and a new generation of indicators and controls. The car can be resupplied inductively or in a charging station. With a charging power of 150 kW, it takes about 30 minutes to recharge up to 80% of the battery.


In addition, I.D. BUZZ is not just a giant in terms of space: thanks to its design, it is also one of the most comfortable cars in the world. The battery is located in the middle under the floor of the vehicle. This lowers the center of gravity and ensures perfect weight distribution. The suspension of I.D. BUZZ, with its electronically regulated dampers, also ensures high-class comfort.