Steve Jobs

Film Review Steve Jobs

Saying that Steve Jobs is one of the most influential of the technological segment of all time is, in a way, devalue the legacy that the creator of Apple left. The more correct to say is that Jobs is one of the people who most revolutionized society in recent years and contributed decisively to pave the way forward.

Part of its history can be seen in the film Steve Jobs. Worth a warning: this production has nothing to do with the film starring Ashton Kutcher and received a barrage of negative criticism. In this film, directed by the experienced Danny Boyle, responsible for productions like 127 Hours and Who Wants to be a Millionaire ?, Steve Jobs is played by Michael Fassbender convincingly and honestly.

The restless personality and sometimes incoherent portrayed is shown in unfiltered scene. The side egocentric / arrogant / calculating explodes on the screen and helps make more human a character that is already part of history. The characterization of Fassbender is impressive and, once again, proves that the actor is one of the most talented names of his generation. Delete the previous movie and save it to your iPad that what’s playing as soon as it becomes available, of course.