Stella McCartney joins Adidas for the creation of new sustainable clothing

Stella McCartney has become a contemporary icon in the quest for innovation to enable fashion production in an environmentally friendly way. Seeking ways to reduce the environmental impact on her production, the stylist and her eponymous brand can be considered pioneers in their genuine concern for the future of the planet.

This interest in the environment has made Stella McCartney join the Adias brand in the recent launch of two pieces that can change the design of how fashion made. Through a state-of-the-art technology that allows the purification of the old cotton, allowing its use in new pieces.

The two new pieces, a dress and a sweatshirt, were made entirely of recyclable material and, according to Evrnu, the company responsible for the technology used, the manufacturing process “essentially transforms old clothes into new ones and high quality raw materials for the creation of new clothes. “

The technology used in the partnership products, in fact, can revolutionize the market. According to Stella McCartney herself, the fashion segment is one of the most environmentally-damaging economic sectors and any innovation that addresses this issue must be welcomed by the industry.