Sporty elegance and 1960s inspire Emilio Pucci’s new collection

Emilio Pucci’s pioneering spirit is the main source of inspiration for the brand’s 2020 summer collection. Officially presented to the press on September 19, in the city of Milan, the collection mixes extravagance and technology, sophistication and practicality, sports style and elegance.

The roots of the Italian label are rescued through the silhouettes of the 1960s, at which time the brand introduced elastane sportswear into kaleidoscopic leggings that evoked a sense of dynamism. This same idea now materializes in adjusted silhouettes that draw the body and refer to the sports universe.

Short dresses, plush luxury tailoring, palazzo pajamas, slipdresses, laser-cut wavy skirts and flip flops are among the key pieces of Emilio Pucci’s summer 2020. Looks of night appeal appeal to the effortless glamor of sequined embroidered dresses, a tuxedo designed as a jumpsuit, flowing georgette pants, silk furs, and scarf tops in variations of pink, red, purple, white it’s black. Accessories include shoes with the classic Vivara print and suede-print scarves, as well as sophisticated new turbans, which add a touch of extravagance to the look.