New Zealand leverages tourism segment through environmental care

New Zealand has been steadily consolidating itself as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Combining differentials such as luxury hotels, the possibility of adventure sports and breathtaking natural landscapes, the country’s tourism agencies have now decided to invest in environmental protection as a way to bring more tourists.

Under the banner of Tiaki – Care for New Zealand, the industry has launched an incentive that invites all visitors to New Zealand to maintain safety, protect the environment, respect all cultures and preserve the country for future generations .

“New Zealand is known for its warm welcome to visitors and Tiaki Promise is inspired by it to invite the world to stand by our side so that our home can be enjoyed by future generations of kiwis and visitors. It reminds people of the importance of traveling responsibly while enjoying what our country has to offer, making clear what the expected behaviors, such as putting garbage in the baskets, driving safely and show care and consideration for everyone, “said the president- executive of Tourism New Zealand, Stephen England-Hall.

The campaign video will be made available to international companies operating flights to New Zealand, helping to spread the concept among visitors as they embark on their journey. For more information visit the project website.