Samsung presents its new portfolio of notebooks for the Brazilian market

Samsung unveiled its new notebook portfolio in Brazil on Tuesday, July 16. Composed of high performance models, the new equipment offers a wide variety of options to suit the most different user profiles. Packed with innovative features and premium design, the brand models reinforce Samsung’s commitment to delivering the most innovative and efficient in the market.

“Samsung’s new notebooks deliver what’s most complete in the company’s portfolio in Brazil. They are premium machines, with high performance and with many features aimed at the unique experience of each user, “says Sandra Chen, Director of the Samsung Brazil Notebooks area.

Style S51 Pro

Combining graphic performance with sophisticated design and premium features is one of the main premises of the Style Notebook Line. For this portfolio, Samsung has developed the new Style S51 Pro, a powerful model for content creators such as video and image editors, professional photographers, engineers, architects, developers and others who make intensive use of graphic applications. Slim and compact, the Style S51 Pro brings a complete package of specifications to perform the tasks that most demand notebook power.

In addition to the agility to manipulate data and render images, the Style S51 Pro also stands out because of its 15.6 “Full HD IPS screen with 300 nits brightness and 170 degree viewing angle. The Dolby Atmos sound system is another differential. The technology lets you play sounds in 360 degrees, providing a greater sense of immersion.

Style S51 Pen

The new Style S51 Pen, model equipped with the exclusive S Pen Pen, is for the public that takes creativity seriously. Versatile, it allows the user to use it in different modes: tent, presentation, tablet and the conventional notebook format.

The S-Pen pen is the main differential of the new model. Drawings, paintings and other works of art receive a much more personal and surprising touch. Because it does not require a load to work, the pen is always ready for use, whether writing in notepad or using smart features, such as turning handwritten notes into typed text, or even collecting signatures digitally. The tip of the pen offers extreme precision, which makes all the difference when drawing and writing on the screen.

Style S51

Samsung introduces its new version of the Samsung Style S51, the ideal option for those looking for a compact notebook. Made in a compact, lightweight 1.3-kg body, the model features a 13.3-inch Full HD display with infinite edge and glass finish to display vivid color images with exceptional quality.

Its silver aluminum design ensures a robust appearance while delivering strength and mobility. Easy to carry, the S51 Style is perfect for executives with race agenda, consultants and lawyers who need to visit their clients and even for business or leisure trips. It features a high-precision touchpad, retro backlit keypad and fingerprint reader, premium features that give the model a touch of sophistication.

Linhas Essentials e Expert

Samsung also announces the new Essentials and Expert lines, focused on productivity and day-to-day use. Available in the new Titanium and White colors, the models provide performance needed for the main tasks: internet browsing, text and slide production and easy access to e-mail.

All models of the Essentials and Expert lines allow easy access to the memory and HD slots, enabling fast and efficient upgrade. There are also new hybrid storage options that reconcile the ample HD space and SSD speed for optimized performance.