Award-winning flavor

The pâtisserie is one of the most refined and beloved areas of gastronomy. And this year, the winner of The World’s Best Pastry Chef 2018, who nominates the best professional in the industry worldwide, was Cédric Grolet, confectioner chef at the iconic hotel Le Meurice.

Grolet received his prize at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, Spain, on June 19. Born in Firminy, France, in 1985, Grolet has already achieved an impressive culinary career. The iconic creations for which Grolet is known include their incredible carved fruits as well as traditional French desserts such as St. Honoré’s cake, Paris-Brest and lemon eclairs.

“It’s an honor to win a prize that gives me a platform to illuminate the incredible creativity of confectionery chefs around the world. I always try to create moments of unity, menus that produce lasting memories and introduce flavors to our world. After all, this is what we chefs try to do every day, “said the chef.

By winning this award, Grolet becomes part of a legacy of world-class confectioners, joining the 2017 winner, Dominique Ansel, inventor of Cronut; Winner of 2016 Pierre Hermé; The 2015 winner, Albert Adrià, and the 2014 winner, Jordi Roca, in the Hall of Fame of the World’s Best Patisserie Chef.

The World’s Best Patisserie Chef award is voted by more than one thousand well-traveled international restaurant industry experts and gourmets who make up the Academy of 50 Best Restaurants in the World. The Academy is made up of 26 separate regions around the world, each with 40 members, including one president. None of the event sponsors have any influence on the voting process.