Taste in the highest

It has already been proven that moderate consumption of chocolate has positive health impacts such as decreased levels of stress and substantial memory improvement. Some of its substances, including food, are an extremely beneficial nutrient for brain and cardiovascular health.

All of these benefits make chocolate, according to the results of some research, one of the most desirable foods in the world. And for those looking for a truly distinctive experience to enjoy good chocolate, the best destination is Switzerland, more specifically the city of Lucerne.

This is where the Titlis Chocolates Shop is located, offering a great variety of the delicacy that is a symbol of Switzerland. There you can find the delicacies separated by colors and flavors and the most varied brands like Lindt & Sprüngli, Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen, Chocolat Schönenberger, and a pick & mix option that allows you to create your own Lindor truffle package.

The detail that makes the visit to the store even more special is that it is located more than three thousand meters above sea level. To warm up, tourists can also count on hot and tasty chocolate-based drinks. How about enjoying a candy in the heights?