Brazilian flavor for export


Brazilian coffee is a true national passion. daily companion of millions of people, the drink has many health benefits such as reducing the risk of memory loss, improvement in liver and efficiency, one of the most important help in mood and stress relief.

The gourmet coffees that provide lovers of new beverage experiences in flavors and aromas, gaining ever more admirers among Brazilian and international market. Proof of this was the consolidation of partnership between the company Baggio Café, specializing in the production of premium coffees, and one of the most important cafes of Montevideo, capital of Uruguay.

And no shortage of reasons to celebrate, as the transaction represents the realization of the international quality of a luxury product produced in Brazil. According to Liana Baggio Ometto, president of Baggio Café, “we began a partnership with Uruguay for the sale of flavored coffees and we are opening new fronts in South America. In addition, Russia is among our partners for the export of roasted coffee it’s green”.

Colombia is one of the American countries that are references in the production of superior quality coffees. The international success of Baggio Café shows that Brazil, too, may soon have such recognition.

Aromas e sabores gourmet da Baggio Café

Aromas e sabores gourmet da Baggio Café