Artisan and lucrative taste


Valuing natural resources and sustainability is a practice that is gaining more and more evidence in virtually every segment. In the luxury market, this reality is no different. Consumers of high standards demand products aligned with the new times and brands, in turn, aware of this panorama invest continuously in sustainable actions.

And in this scenario, the craft beer sector has been consolidating with a vastly lucrative market. In Brazil, this sector has been showing increasing rates and the hobby of entrepreneurship, many are the factors that encourage the emergence of new brands throughout the country.

According to information released by the Brazilian Beer Industry Association, special beers, including artisan, imported and premium category, are responsible for approximately 5% of the national market and for the next five years the forecast is that number double.

Brazil is one of the countries with the highest consumption of beer per capita in the world and the potential of growth of the sector is enormous, it is enough to analyze that while the more traditional brands are presenting indices of fall in the sales, the craft beers have only grown in the last years.

Many of the motives that make artisan beer consumption a trend directly interact with the new concept of luxury. Today, a good of a high standard needs to go beyond itself, that is, to provide a remarkable experience and the consumption of handmade drinks besides being better for health, encourages the entrepreneurial activity and, still, provides the pleasure of a taste unique and with personality.

Summer is already near and how about enjoying the hottest season of the year in the sustainable and tasty company of a delicious homemade beer?