Rock and roll and luxury


The universe of the arts is an area where unanimity are rare. Defining who is the most talented actor of world cinema or the most important painter of history is no easy task. However, a cultural segment seems to be the exception to this rule. After all, any doubts that there is some higher bandwidth and more significant than the Rolling Stones to the history of the rock?

And the millions of fans of the band around the world has much to celebrate because, from the 12th of November this year and March 12, 2017 the city of New York will be the target of an exhibition with more than 500 items that are part band collection led by Mick Jagger.

The singer even was a member of the group that most collaborated with the show. His great costume wardrobe used in some of the most iconic rock concerts of all time, are now even closer to the fans at the show.

1972 Rolling Stones American Tour poster Credit: The Rolling Stones

Visitors can find everything from a guitar painted in psychedelic colors by Keith Richards to much more known to the general public items, such as clothing used by musicians and posters to disseminate the shows.

And if there is still someone who thinks that rock and roll does not have a direct and emotional connection with the luxury of the universe, just remember that Mick Jagger in many of his presentations around the world, used parts produced by designers like Alexander McQueen and brands like Gucci.