Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo celebrate organic gastronomy


Organic food is characterized by a production without pesticides, without the use of chemicals and, above all, by increasing the quality of life of people and providing an important source of income for small farmers.

In addition, the gastronomy that uses organic products as a base plays a decisive role in maintaining the food balance and in combating a large number of diseases caused by the consumption of unhealthy foods.


To celebrate this gastronomy that combines quality of life with the pleasures of good food, began on June 5 and extends until June 19 the fourth edition of Organic Food Fest, which takes place in 40 restaurants located in the Rio-São Paulo axis.

Whoever visits one of the addresses of the event will have available more than 120 unpublished recipes produced using as its main basis the ingredients of organic origin. According to festival rules, at least half of the products used must be considered organic or produced by small farmers.


The founder of the initiative is entrepreneur Matthias Börner, who believes that one of the main objectives of the Organic Food Fest is to stimulate and expand the use and consumption of foods of organic origin in the Brazilian territory.

According to Matthias Börner, “organic production respects principles such as protection of biodiversity, decent working conditions and correct management of water and soil. Replacing conventional food with organic is to start a sustainable revolution.”

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