The growing market

The positive results of the world’s largest luxury brands are valuable indications that confirm the market outlook. Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that the sector of high standards is in good shape, since according to data recently released by the conglomerate LVMH, the luxury group presented an organic growth of around 13% in the first quarter of 2018.

And among the main reasons behind this excellent performance is the behavior of Chinese consumers who increasingly increase their purchasing power and participate in concrete results in the high-end brands.

Marcas como a Louis Vuitton (na imagem que abre a matéria) e Moët & Chandon (acima) tiveram papel decisivo para o bom resultado do grupo LVMH

Sales of the group’s more than 70 brands, which include market icons such as Louis Vuitton and Moët & Chandon, outperformed an initial 9% growth estimate and closed the period with a 13% overall increase.

Among the highlight areas within the conglomerate, the fashion division was the main highlight, growing more than 19% in the quarter. Second, the beverage division saw organic growth of 10%.