Review: Jackie


If you go to the movies to watch the movie Jackie, which opens this Thursday in Brazilian cinemas, and expect to see a biography of the most famous former American lady may be disappointed a bit. The idea of ​​the film is not to tell the life story of one of the most emblematic women of the twentieth century, but to portray the days after the death of John Kennedy, her husband and then President of the United States.

If the images of the shots that killed JFK are part of the popular imagery and conspiracy theories never go out of style, understanding what went on in the nooks of a woman’s soul that saw her life change during a car ride is what gives meaning to movie.

It is worth remembering that the production is directed by the Chilean Pablo Larraín and this, in itself, is synonymous of a film that a little of the aesthetics hollywoodiana. So we have a little of what the first lady felt, and also what the woman herself felt.


Much was said about Natalie Portman’s choice to play Jacqueline Kennedy, but the impression left after watching the film is that she did a good job. The good characterization of the character and her confusion of feelings is very well represented by the actress who has won the Oscar for her remarkable interpretation in Black Swan.

For those who like history or want to know a little more about one of the most important icons of elegance in recent decades, the film is a good program. And for those just like a good story, too.

Check out, below, the production trailer.