Research indicates the profile of the consumers of the jeweler segment in Brazil

The IBGM – Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious Metals commissioned, in partnership with AJESP, AJORIO and AJOMIG, a qualitative research on the consumption of jewelry in Brazil. Conducted by Casa Semio between August and November 2018, three groups of women in São Paulo were analyzed: lovers (wearers and buyers of jewelry) from 15 to 17 years; lovers between the ages of 24 and 35; and non-users (women who have used jewelry in the past but have now started using fine jewelry and semi-jewels), also aged 24-35.

In the three profiles, two words were classified as more important: power and permanence. Power is related to the price of jewelry, to the status it represents in society, to the nobility it brings, and to personal empowerment conveyed, as women feel more confident and elegant. In relation to permanence, its symbology is linked to perennial, family inheritance and sentimental value, that is, the story that the play brings with it.

The value of jewelry also represents the effort of those who bought it, taking into account the time, travel, risk, intention and money dedicated, that is, it characterizes a higher quality bond of more complex feelings and senses. Two examples that show the difference between the value added of the jewelry in relation to other products are the cell phone and purse. The first presents a rapidity with which the technological age, the second does not carry the possibility of transcendence of a jewel, and both do not express the level of effort, involvement, trust and affection; they have no history.

 It is also worth noting that in addition to consumers, the female public has also been perceiving the jewelery segment as an important area to invest and create a new business. Prominent examples in various regions of Brazil show that women entrepreneurs have realized that their passion and knowledge of jewelry can actually lead to good business.

To know more details of the research, just go to the IBGM website.