Virtual record


It is no longer news that online commerce is a segment that has been showing positive results year after year. This finding is so evident in the current economic scenario that more and more brands, including some of the most expressive brands in the luxury market, invest heavily in this platform.

Another feature of this market in training is its immense ability to surprise. And a good example of this happened recently when China’s Alibaba reported that the result of its sales in 15 hours reached the incredible sum of 14 billion dollars.

It should be noted that this virtual record was due to a targeted sales action, something like a super Black Friday occurred in Chinese territory. Two pieces of information, however, draw attention to this historic sale: the 130 million users who visited the shopping application and the realization that only in the first hour of the action, more than 27 million purchases were made through mobile phones.

And even if the online address is not specifically linked to high-end products, the significant sales performance can serve as a kind of motivating element for premium brands around the world.

After all, products of good quality and provenance, competitive prices and a wide variety and availability are essential requirements for the success of any branch, whether online or physical.