Ralph Lauren records growth above estimated in North America

Last week, we published here in the Therapy of Luxury, a matter that highlighted the excellent turnover recorded by the French brand L’Oréal in the last quarter of that. The result was so positive that according to the brand itself, was the best sales in ten years.

This week it was Ralph Lauren’s turn to release a positive sales balance with a focus on North America. The net profit of the North American brand grew to just over 170 million dollars and one of the strategies that had most impact on the result was the wide use of social media.

With the primary goal of impacting millennial audiences, Ralph Lauren invested heavily in marketing and advertising aimed at social networks. According to the figures reported by the brand, advertising figures in the last quarter grew 30% over the same period of 2017.

“As we execute our Next Great Chapter strategic plan, we are encouraged by the initial progress we made in the first half of this year. Looking at the rest of the year, we are on track to meet our year-round goals,” Patrice optimistically noted. Louvet, CEO of Ralph Lauren.

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