Pleasure and luxury at the table


If gastronomy has become an area of ​​human knowledge really pop in the last decades, interest in it goes back to the times when the quest for food satisfaction and refinement in food production was a desire that was beginning to be achieved.

Although high-end restaurants make the rapprochement between gastronomy and luxury more evident, this relationship comes much earlier, from a time when banquets were used to honor and thank the gods. These celebrations had the best food and drink and were also stages of various dances and celebrations. Already at that time, societies used their most refined products to celebrate and give back.

In the book The Eternal Luxury, authors Gilles Lipovetsky and Elyette Roux describe that for those people “to honor the gods is to provide them with a luxurious life, to prepare festive banquets, meals served on gold and silver plates, precious jewels and apparels of apparatuses “.

The chefs de cuisine innovations in the assembly of its menus, special attention in the choice of the ingredients of the meals and the technical and artistic difficulty in the production of the dishes helped to consolidate the bridge that definitively united the culinary arts to the premium segment. There is no way to question the importance of gastronomy in the social context. Many of the values ​​and principles of a nation are also present in its more traditional dishes.

The act of feeding transcends the basic need of the human being, that is, it goes far beyond the need to withdraw food from energy to live. The gastronomy proposes the use of ingredients that also nourish the soul and promote a contact of people with unique and particular sensations.

A good example of these ingredients are the white truffles, a much-loved delicacy that is part of the menu of some of the most luxurious restaurants in the world. Found only in some regions of Italy and Croatia, the white truffles are basically mushrooms with a very particular aroma and serve to enhance the taste or give a special touch to a dish. In some Italian locations, due to their rarity, the truffles are found with the help of the trained dogs’ lighthouse. This unusual ritual has become a tourist attraction and at the time of the harvest season it is possible to see tourists from all over the world chasing after these little cooking jewels.

A few decades ago the gastronomic luxury manifested itself in the realization of a meal in a restaurant indicated in the Michelin Guide. Over the years, both chefs and food lovers have come to appreciate this important cultural event even more.

The current gastronomic delight is much more connected to experience and sensations than to the glamor of a restaurant alone. The refinement and elegance at the table today is to feel good about what you ask for. If the dish comes with a little history, a dose of knowledge and a few bugs of happiness even better. After all, there is nothing more luxurious than being happy.